Please watch the video above to see how the baseline assessments and the Back to Basics programs link with and supplement each other, and also what exactly makes the Back to Basics program unique ina  worl used to extra classes once per week.
Open letter to all parents with children in school
All of us know that the lockdown of 2020 had an impact on the children's academic prowess. No one will argue this point.  Exactly how much we all thought would become clear only with time.

We have experienced it already during the first 6 months of 2021 however, and it is scary to say the least! Let no parent say that they didn't know, because it is spelled out for you now!

The foundations are just not there, the basic comprehension falls short of the mark and techniques are applied wrong, if it is remembered correctly in the first place! It is as if there is no long-term memory and momentum for the building blocks that need to be in place, to proceed from one topic to another. We are too scared to think on what will happen next year, when there needs a progression from one grade to another.

It is necessary that someone says this out loud and straight up: "The days of once-per-week extra classes are gone. There is simply no way that the average child in school will catch up on the shortfalls with just one class per week. It is time to think differently about extra Mathematics assistance"

Is this a problem for the Teachers to fix? No. Teachers have a task, and that task is to transfer new knowledge. For that they have sometimes less than a minute per child in the mornings. They cannot possibly monitor each learner's mastery of the techniques AND variations thereof. The gap in terms of assistance to the learners only really come to light when they do their homework. Let your child do any of our free Baseline Assessments at, and see for yourself!

Who monitors them? Who helps them? Who looks at every step of each question? Who answers their questions when they do not know which way forward anymore?

If you are serious about your child's future, and we all know that Mathematics is important, then you will start looking out for resources and services that will help your child every day, not just once per week. The MATHmechanic offers such a service, but you don't have to enrol with us, just find anyone that will help your child every day. The mountain is steep and the distance to walk is far. Few kids will get this right on their own steam - Mathematics is a bully and your child will take strain.

Ask yourself this question: Is one extra class per week all that my child needs, or rather someone that can help with answering questions? The secret to success in Mathematics, after all, is to ask questions!