We offer two packages:
  • Back to Basics and...
  • Homeworkhelper

Back to Basics involves the learner following a fixed online program each week, such as completing an online test or an e-Learning course (or both) by each Friday at 17h00. Explanations and assistance with questions that originate from here are handled by means of videos.
Cost:  R450pm

HomeworkHelper offes an additional platform to the learner,in the form of a small and individual WhatsApp group where questions about homework could also be asked. The MATHmechanic makes available 15 hours per week (T&C's apply) to talk to the learners in their own groups about any questions that they have or assistance that they may require. Assistance is provided through chats, videos or YouTube Broadcasts.
Cost: R850pm

Ways of payment
In order to keep the process simple, enrollments are separated into two categories:

1) Payment via EFT

2) Payment via debit order

(all payments are for the month in advance)

EFT payments
The monthly fees are as set out above, and proof of payment need to have been received by the MATHmechanic by the end of the day of the 1st of every mont - if payment has not been received the learner's profile will be deactivated.

In the event of late payments the profile will be reactivated but an Administration fee of R150 for that month will be added to the invoice for the following month.

Payments for the start of the program during a month will be invoiced pro-rata in advance.

Debitorder payments (see our discounts!!)
The debit order auhorization can be downloaded from here.

The monthly fee for payment with a debit order is R350pm for the Back to basics program and R700pm for the HomeworkHelper program, with the first month or portion thereof free, and the first payment via EFT if preferred. All terms and conditions are indicated in the debit order form.

During holidays the learners are given access to videos and baseline tests to give them the opportunity to keep their  momentum with the requirements of Mathematics, and during December they are given programs to start preparing them for the following year.

All payments are therefore for 12 months of the year, with a full calendar month notice if the services of the MATHmechanic are no longer required.